Sun, 06/09/2009 - 20:14

Thanks to everyone who helped us out on Saturday cleaning up the basement. Withstanding the dust clouds. Grovelling in the gravel. The basement cleanup is all to do with Artspace in Auckland, thanks those guys. We are broadcasting progress from 10-4 Mon-Sat on the Stream. Space is the place!

Sun, 06/09/2009 - 20:25

Check this out

*from Artspace site*

"ARTSPACE’s annual new artist show is a highlight of the Auckland exhibition calendar. The new artist show acts as a showcase, and barometer, of emerging national talent. This year’s version sees ARTSPACE evolving the selection process by actively working with three very different artist-led initiatives. ARTSPACE has invited Newcall, a central Auckland based gallery and studio program run by a collective of recent Elam graduates, Fresh Gallery Otara, a Manukau City Council initiative for contemporary Pacific art, and Dunedin’s long-running but difficult to define performance space, None. Working with these organisations brings to the fore existing structures established to support emerging practices. In bringing together such a diffuse range of collaborators, ARTSPACE hopes to disrupt the curatorial auteurship of previous years and render more visible the grass-roots organisations that build the contemporary art communities of tomorrow. Given such benevolent tones it’s no surprise that all three collectives approach the invitation with more than a little insouciance. For instance, None is taking the opportunity to rejuvenate their own basement, off-loading their accumulated debris as a burden ARTSPACE itself must bear, whilst Fresh offers a deceptively benign take on hair straightening that reveals larger cultural forces at play. Meanwhile, Newcall's repositioning of the new artist paradigm to include artists who have participated in previous years as well as international participants, makes plain the expanded platform this year’s exhibition operates within."

Mon, 14/09/2009 (All day) - Wed, 14/10/2009 (All day)

None has a basement. Have you seen this basement? Its a colossal trash ground. Real and True. Its amazing.... Its ugly. A product of the big long NONE....

But None has been asked to exhibit at ARTSPACE in Auckland! What should None do with an opportunity such as this? We use it to CLEAN OUT A MASSIVE AND GORGEOUS SPACE, UNLIKE ANY OTHER IN TOWN!!!!! SO IT MAY BE USED..... USED!!!!!! AND NOT ABUSED AGAIN!!!!

This space, if you dont know it, is an absolute waste as it is. Its HUGE, and FULL of studio TRASH from people not cleaning up after themselves when the leave.... This place will WORK again!


COME TO A WORKING BEE! These will be posted on the none fb group


We're cleaning it OUT.... cleannnn. Come join the ceremony! VIVA THE FUTURE!