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Nymphets 2013 Collection - Underwater Apocalypse Adventure Vacation

Glue Presents: Nymphets 2013 Collection as part of iD Fashion Week. None Gallery will host this mix of messy mediums, its dark gallery playing backdrop to film, sound, performance and of course fashion. Nymphets is a Auckland based fashion house which celebrates the pop apocalypse androgynous princess in all of us.

Come join us for a vacation of the mind in this instillation exploration of street couture, and get those pearly high heels of yours a little bit dirty.

The Nymphets 'Underwater Apocalypse Weekend ESC' is in collaboration with Turbertechno Video and $noregazZzm,

The near future of NONE:

Friday, February 15, 8PM.

School Girl Report (AUS) with LSD Fundraiser and Grvdggr + screening of the documentary 'Blonde Fog'.

This Saturday at NONE Altmusic presents Leighton Craig (AUS)

Altmusic is proud to present Leighton Craig (AUS) as part of Altmusics programme of independent & adventurous international musicians touring New Zealand in 2013.

NONEFEST 2012 and more. Oh! My!

2012 has been a tumultuous year full of transitions and transformations. In this part of the world things kicked off with Goofest, three days of music, art and general community centered creativity running between None and our wonderful friends and comrades, the indomitable Glue Gallery. To round out the year, however, we've gone a little self-indulgent to present you with Nonefest.

This coming weekend at None:


Two-evenings of experimental sound performed by a diverse range of solo artists.

Brought to you by From the mountains of hiss.

Friday 23 November
7:00-11:00 pm

Dr Spooky ( David Merritt, NZ wide )

Sara Stephenson ( Dun )

MONTHS ( Michael Minchington, Chch )

GRVDGGR ( Brendan Philip, Dun )

Saturday 24 November
7:00-11:00 pm

Moment Telepath ( Toki Willson, Dun )

Radio Cegeste ( Sally Ann McIntyre, Dun )

CJA ( Clayton Noone, Dun )

LSD Fundraiser ( Dean "Snake" Barnes, Dun )

Next at None

Wendelein Bakker - Migrate to go and further

Wendelien Bakker shows multimedia work, in particular her video- and stop motion animations depicting her migrations between Holland and New Zealand. Boats are cried, trees are climbed over and waterfalls spewed.

Opening 5.00pm Friday November 9.

Also open from 10am till 4.30pm on Saturday, November 10.

* * *

Atonal Eclipse of the Charts

Two-evenings of experimental sound performed by a diverse range of solo artists.

Brought to you by From the mountains of hiss.

Friday 23 November

Cosmesmula - edit!

Just to confirm, our next show at None, 'Cosmesmula' is opening at 5pm Friday, October 26, not Thursday 25th as previously advertised.

Musical performances from 7pm with Nanny State, Girl on Girl Action, Andy Parsons and Tom Batchelor, and Jackal Hare.

Hope to see you all there.


Coming up at NONE

Mark these in your calendar:

* * *

Friday, October 19.

Experimental and improvised music from the western edge of the Pacific Rim.

Takashi Masubuchi (feat. Antony Milton)
NN PA DA (Motoko Kikkawa, Toki Wilson, Matt Sanson).

9pm sharp. Fuck late gigs.

* * *

Thursday, October 25 - Sunday, October 28.

Erica Hoelper, Genevieve Vialle, Phoebe Thompson - Cosmesmula

This week at None - Gaby Montejo

Gaby Montejo - Goat in a Bikini

Open 11am - 3pm daily, 17th - 23rd September.

White Night

September 19th. Featuring music performed by Danny Brady.


The near future of NONE (and right now too):

+++ Radeq - THE SUMMER OF '12 +++

Teaming up with the Radeq project, a duo of radio artists currently occupying SoundFjord gallery, the United Kingdom's only sound art devoted gallery and research unit, with their own site-specific micro-radio space broadcasting 24/7, Sally Ann McIntyre (Radio Cegeste) hosts (in hands-off manner) a week-long radio show from None Gallery.

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